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5+5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Boost the Value of Your Home and Quality of Life

Bathroom renovation in forsyth county, GA
Bathroom Remodeling in Cumming, Georgia

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting decision that can significantly enhance the quality of your life and raise the value of your home. It comes with numerous benefits including the reduction of energy consumption and the elimination of different safety hazards such as cracked or chipped tiles.

What's more, the best bathroom remodeling ideas can add diverse functionalities to the bathroom, improve the design and aesthetics, and ultimately boost the actual value of your property. In this post, we are going to discuss some great ideas to remodel your bathroom.

1. Reconsider Your Lighting

You should not limit your lighting to just normal bathroom lights. A lovely idea is to add some modern pendant lights over the tub to make significant improvements. Using nontraditional light fixtures such as a pendant or chandelier is a perfect approach to add some personal style to the bathroom space.

2. Ditch the Standard Drain

Sometimes altering very little things in the bathroom can go a long way, and the standard shower drain is one of those things. Instead of the typical round shower drains, you can consider a new square drain that fits your shower hardware. Although it is a simple idea, it can greatly enhance the look of your shower.

Another option here is that you choose a new, modern shower drain that can match your floor tiles. These shower drains are similar to the floor tiles in shape and can somehow camouflage there. They are offered in various widths and can be seamlessly inserted between the floor tiles.

Another great idea is to add a small removable basket strainer below the top of your shower drain. This basket can catch any hair that the drain has missed, so you can occasionally remove it with ease and get rid of the hair.

3. Add Functional Shower Niches

This is a great idea to add some new niches to the bathroom if you already do not have any. Try to be intentional with your shower niches as they can hold the essential shower items beautifully. You can ask the tile specialist in charge to add some square niches along with dividers.

You can allocate each niche for a specific purpose. Consider designing one tall niche for your taller bottles, and shorter ones for placing your normal shower stuff such as razors, soaps, and other short items.

4. Add Outlets to Vanity Drawers

This is another game-changing idea to add outlets to the back of some of your drawers to reduce the countertop clutter. You can mount the outlets inside the drawers and have the cord attached to a large hinge behind it, allowing you to pull the drawer in and out while keeping the outlets connected.

This measure will help greatly to recharge your hair dryer and even your phone and tablets while you are in the tub. What’s even better is the addition of some USB ports to the outlets for more convenience.

5. Add a Sound System

This might not be for everyone, but incorporating a sound system into the bathroom can help you create an ultimate relaxation space anyone may love. You will be able to play some of your favorite music all the while you are under the warm water to take your relaxation mood to the next level.

Bonus Ideas

There are countless remodeling ideas for your bathroom, and it depends on you to choose between them. If the ideas mentioned above do not fit your bathroom style or personal tendency, you can consider some of these ones too:

  • Add a Place for Plants: Plants can remove toxins, keep your bathroom cleaner, and inject a sense of life into the space.

  • Insert Touchless Faucets: Add some touchless faucets if your budget allows you to. They can reduce the spread of germs, reduce the waste of water, and reduce your energy bills.

  • Install Radiant Heat Flooring: You can install radiant heat flooring if your feet hate the cold shock of stepping on bathroom tiles.

  • Use Towel Warmers: You can use mounted towel warmers to enjoy a warm towel after a hot shower and keep yourself nice.

  • Hang Some Art: Hanging some great pieces of art make your bathroom design stand out.

Final Words

Bathroom remodeling can undeniably increase the overall fee of a home. Depending on your budget, you can manage to perform many fantastic ideas to remodel your bathroom. Although most bathrooms are much smaller than the other rooms in the house, a full renovation or even a simple face-lift can make noticeable differences.

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